LaSalle O3

LaSalle O3 is an ozonation platform dedicated to the treatment of substrates derived from plant biomass and related effluents. It has been installed on the UniLaSalle site in Beauvais (France) and was inaugurated on January 13, 2017.

It corresponds to a technological hall of 900 m2 which hosts a wide set of devices for the production of ozone with the last generation techniques providing high concentration ozone gas in air or oxygen for applications up to pre-industrial scales. The platform has several benches of instrumented equipments which can accommodate biomass substrates from a few grams up to several hundred kilograms, in batch or continuous operations. Different types of reaction are carried out (gas / liquid reactions for Newtonian or non-Newtonian fluids, gas / fine solids reactions, gas / divided solid reactions, gas / gas reactions). For this purpose, specific reactors have been designed and built.  Activation techniques (chemical, UV, ultrasound) are also available to meet the requirements of AOP processes.

In this context, the main objectives of the LaSalle O3 plateform are to:

  • Support industrial partners and socio-economic players through direct partnership projects, involving oxidation studies, equipment testing, process optimization, benchmarking, services, advice, appraisals…;
  • Acquire or design equipment and reactors that would better meet customer needs;
  • Welcome and supervise PhD Students, post-doctorate Fellows and Master’s Students projects;
  • Write and present scientific publications and communications, as well as popularization materials for the public;
  • Organize international seminars (“Ozone Days”) presenting the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of ozonation of plant biomass and including training modules for people from the industrial sector.

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