The GIS O3 Consortium

The Grenoble INP Institute of Technology and the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute have taken the initiative to join forces in order to increase the knowledge and the control of processes related to the ozonation of agronomic & agro-industrial substrates and of lignocellulosic materials. The ultimate goal is to improve their valorization and to spread the acquired knowledge and know-how to the concerned industrial players.

Indeed, ozone is used today for the bleaching of cellulose pulps in about thirty cellulose production plants around the world. The purpose of its use is to replace the chlorine-based reagents, today massively applied to destroy the color of cellulose fibers in the production of graphic papers, sanitary articles and textile fibers.

In the agriculture, agro-industry and food industry sectors the stake of ozone is twofold: mobilize the unique potential of ozone as a green oxidizing agent for multiple applications like sterilization, , detoxification, preservation… and develop innovative and sustainable industrial solutions creating value.

Both institutions have decided to create a Group of Scientific Interest (GIS) entitled: Ozonation of agro-industrial, agro-food and lignocellulosic substrates for better valorization (O3AGROLICEL) which involves the following partners:

  • The Laboratory of Paper Process Engineering (LGP2 – UMR 5518) of the Grenoble INP
  • Transformation & Agro-Resources Research Unit ULR7519 and LaSalle O3 R&D platform of the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute

The main purposes of the GIS is to:

  • Strengthen the collaboration of researchers working in the domain of engineering sciences applied to the ozonation of agronomic, agro-industrial and lignocellulosic substrates;
  • Develop partnerships with industrial actors either under the form of private contracts or in the framework of public calls for projects;
  • Define the most suitable processes, sensors, protocols, for the ozonation of these substrates;
  • Disseminate the acquired knowledge by the organization of seminars and training sessions targetting both academic and industrial audiences at national and international levels.