UniLaSalle is a graduate school training engineers in the fields of agriculture, agri-food, food-health, environment and geosciences. Today the 2,800 students are trained on three different campus (i.e. Beauvais, Rennes and Rouen). In terms of research, UniLaSalle supports agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, and more broadly the fields of Life Sciences, Earth and Environment.

The Transformation & Agro-Resources research unit (ULR7519) is developing a scientific program focusing on the transformation and valorization of the whole plant in a sustainable development perspective. The work is based on an integrated scientific approach covering the entire transformation chain of agro-resources from the study of the mechanisms of their construction to the study of their properties and functionalities at the end of their use either for food (PETALES team) and/or for non-food purposes (VAM²IN team). As part of the development of its R&D and transfer activities, the research unit ULR7519 manages the LaSalle 03 which is an R&D platform dedicated to the applications of ozone in the domains of the agro-industry, the food-processing industry and of the green chemistry. This unique platform will valorize the scientific and technological expertise of UNILASALLE and of his multiple industrial partners. This 900 m2 facility includes different pilot plants fully instrumented to generate various type of ozonation reactions (i.e. gas/liquid, gas/solid and gas/gas) enabling:

  • The decontamination and/or the stabilization of the various biological products;
  • The remediation of agricultural and agro-industrial effluents;
  • The development of green chemistry and advanced chemistry applied to bio-sourced fractions;
  • The valorization of bio-waste and by-products from agriculture.